Hi. My name is William Martin and I'm a trusted professional computer technician living in Liverpool. Enjoyably for the past several years now, I've provided around the clock dedicated and highest quality computer services and repairs, on and off-site at unbeatable low flat rate prices.

I know how frustrating it is for anyone, not just businesses to be inconvenienced or have downtime. That's why I offer computer services anytime between 9:30AM - 9PM weekdays & weekends. I can even be reached on Public holidays, so please feel free to contact me. Missed calls usually returned within the same hour.

I believe a business should be based on integrity and honesty, and work should be speedy and of the highest quality. When a computer is being serviced, you don't need to wait ridiculously long. No more waiting days, weeks or even months. I usually have the computer serviced within 24 hours.

Whether you run a business from your computer or simply using one for mere pleasure, no one enjoys complications and slowness. Liverpool seems to have the highest volume of worst computer technicians (in and out of computer shops) than any other place in Queens County. Here they are reckless and/or just amateurs.

What I offer is..; 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
 * Professionalism with pleasure
   - In-shop repairs typically completed in 24 hours.
        You will be advised immediately if more time is required.
   - Computer Issues resolved, not just a temporary fix.
   - Sensitive information all remains safe and intact.
   - Backings of all important data is proper and complete.
   - Serious problems spotted is voiced and properly addressed.
   - No additional hidden costs slapped on upon payment.

Computer Services Offered includes but not limited to the following
Recovery of Sensitive Data
Free Full Hardware and Software Diagnosis with the $80 Package Deal
Wired & Wireless Network Setup and Repairs
Complete Malware Removals
(i.e. computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, dishonest adware, scareware, crimeware, rootkits, and other malicious and PUPs (potentially unwanted programs))
Microsoft Windows boot-up failures
Microsoft Windows Start-up, Internet, and System sluggishness
Transferral of Sensitive Data from Old to New Computer
Printers, Scanners and other devices Installations
(i.e. CD/DVD/USB/Floppy drives, Card Readers, MP3 players, GPS systems)
System Memory modules and PC Cards Installations
(i.e. Graphics, Audio, Modems, Network)
Cleaning Physically the Dust out of your computer
(prevents overheating and damages)
Microsoft Windows System, and device drivers updating
Installation and configuration of softwares
(includes but not limited to AntiVirus suites)
Complete Removal of Applications or Games
(for those unwanted things or stubborn uninstallations)
1-On-1 Computer Training and Coaching
Website Development and Publishing
eBook & Print book Formatting

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